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The first building was built at 7th and Irving Streets in 1892. Mrs. L.A. Peters made a $500 gift with the condition that the church would be called “The Lucy Peters Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church.” While this condition was met, the congregation was called “Lincoln Heights” for the Nebraska Conference minutes.


The congregation grew and prospered the first year or so, then came hard times. The church went downhill with the rest of the area. By 1901 there were only eight members, but they always had a good-sized Sunday School.


By 1904 the building had deteriorated with no money for heat or repairs. It was decided to move the church to the center of the community at 11th and Nelson. The church reopened in January of 1904 with 18 members.


From 1904 to 1930 the church filled their social and religious needs with plays, dinners, and ice cream socials. By 1916 the church had 109 members.


By 1924, the pews were replaced with chairs, electric lights added, and side-walks had been put in. A bell was donated by Mr. Albert Herman which still stands.


The church suffered in the 1930’s with the depression. Money was scare but the church helped the people in many ways.


In 1941 a house was bought and moved to the lot west of the church.


By 1947, the Sunday School had grown so much the members had to dig out a basement. This was all done by hand labor in order to add room for Sunday School. A new entrance was built that added a pastor’s study.

In 1960, the congregation built a new parsonage at 4020 North 13th Street.


The congregation moved from 11th and Nelson Streets to 1621 Superior Street. The name of the church changed from Lincoln Heights Methodist Church to St. Luke Methodist Church. Groundbreaking for the new church was held on Sunday, August 13, 1967.


Ropes were put on a plow, and the congregation pulled while Bill Rolofson and Etta Hellweg held the handles. Lyle Rice suggested St. Luke because Luke was a doctor and he felt there would be a need for ministering to the hurt and the young of the congregation.


The first service at St. Luke was held on Easter Sunday in 1968. The building was not yet complete. On September 8, 1968, the congregation officially moved from 11th and Nelson to its new location on Superior Street.


After a short prayer, Bill Rolofson locked the door to Lincoln Heights. The congregation had a police escort to the new church and Clair Barnett unlocked the doors of St. Luke.


The only items taken from the old church were the bell, stained glass windows, brass collection plates, a cross and candlesticks given by the Likens family, the altar made by Burgess Hester, the organ and two pianos.

In 2002, new tables were purchased for Fellowship Hall, thermopane windows were installed in the sanctuary and narthex, new furnaces and heat pumps were installed, and a garage was constructed.


The outside doors were replaced in 2003.


In 2004, a new stained glass window was installed in the sanctuary, the south parking lot was paved, a new dishwasher was installed, the first stage of a sprinkler system was installed, and a patio was poured at the parsonage. A new sound system was installed in the sanctuary.


In 2005 The parsonage at 4020 North 13th Street was sold.  In 2006 the Annual Father’s Day Car Show was started and in 2007 A Community Prayer Garden was constructed. Memorial bricks were sold to help pay for the garden.  And finally, in 2008 a new addition was added: Elevator installed, narthex enlarged, balcony removed, new fellowship floor and ceiling, kitchen refreshed, new roof, canopy added, and new windows and doors in the back of the sanctuary.

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