Sep 16

Ignored and unwelcome


You could start by being 100% more welcoming to visitors. I was at your church 8 days ago for the 10:30 service, and felt completely invisible. One lady seated in front of me was the only one to greet me and welcome me. The rest of the congregation including your pastor Curt Magelky ignored me. I signed the guest sheet and included my email address but so far I've heard nothing. I hung around briefly after the service to see what might transpire but, alas. Nothing. That's ok. I'll not be setting foot in your church ever again. You people woefully flunked the test and a missed opportunity



I am sorry you felt unwelcomed. I appreciate you bringing up that you left an e-mail. I will look into your concerns.



What bothers me is there were only around 50 members in attendance. I was real easy to spot. The 60 something with thinning grey butched hair. My wife and I have a temporary residence here in Lincoln due to my status as a heart patient at Nebraska heart institute. Our real home is Alliance nebraska where small town panhandle folk know how to treat strangers